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  Glass Elegance Shift Knob Photo Gallery 

 Kia Pink with sparklesKia pink with sparkles, close-up


 CobaltBlueBullet_MX5WineRedSphere_Mazda MX5 1.9Black03Z06 WatermelonPinkSparkles Subaru 1.9 sphere purple     

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        See our new shift knob styles

 NEW! Opaque colors and new translucents for you girls!

Lavender Silk   Cherry Ice   Watermelon Mist  Cranberry Crystal   Passionate Violet  Pink/Sparkles Purple Glass

Translucence and the beauty of light........
  At Conceptual Polymer, translucent and optically clear plastics are our specialty. These shift knobs will not fade or crack when exposed to the sun. In fact, natural light brings out their radiance in a spectacular way.

  The Manufacturing of a Shifter Knob: (Made in USA)
  Each knob is hand cast into a flexible mold, which is necessary to produce a seamless part. The casting is allowed to cure for at least 16 hours and post-cured at an elevated temperature before the knob is removed from the mold and machined for the proper thread size. Each knob is threaded specifically for the car shifter onto which it will be assembled. Finally, every knob is examined closely and polished as needed to maintain its glass-like appearance. Note: Although every effort is made to minimize air bubbles within each shift knob casting, some small bubbles may be visible after the casting process is complete.

Key Advantages of Conceptual Polymer's Glass Elegance Shift Knobs

bulletShape of shift knob has been designed for both standard-throw (OEM) shifters and short-throw aftermarket shifters.
bulletWill not feel uncomfortably hot  when exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods.
bulletEasily cleaned with water and a soft cotton towel.
bulletGlistens like a jewel and available in any of the following colors: (Inquire about that special color that is not shown)

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